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LTD System™

Ltd System™ is a trademark of Empire Foam LLC. Patent Pending.

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LTD System™

What is LTD System?

Created by Empire Foam, the patent-pending LTD Systems stands forLTD System Lapped Trim and Drainage System. LTD System was created to acommodate the uneven surface that siding offers. It is adhered directly onto the siding not interrupting the lap siding and is used for decorative purpose only. This automatically eliminates the fasteners driven through trim and substrate and improper installation of flashings over the trim systems that siding manufacturers have to offer and is not part of the lap siding weep system. LTD offers any architectural foam shape with a lap on the backside to fit any exposure of siding; 4.5in., 6in., 7in., etc. Also, inside and outside corners have a specially designed drainage channel forming in between the pair of flanges to fit the siding corner. Thus, any moisture that does find its way behind the system is easily drained using the channel to reduce potential water damage and mold growth.

LTD System is made of polystyrene foam which is secured on the exterior of the lap siding wall surface with a specially formulated adhesive and a durable water resistant polyurethane coating. This is favorable because you don’t need any mechanical fasteners penetrating the vapor barriers that protect your substrate. Also, the coating provides protection and increases the lifespan of the architectural foam shape of LTD System. Polyurethane coatings provide excellent adhesion and can be applied to any shape to add abrasion and impact resistance. In addition, these coatings exhibit excellent solvent resistance and good high temperature resistance. They provide exceptional long term protection their performance properties make them superb candidates for hot wire cut polystyrene foam.

Cause of water penetration on claddings

Building codes require a way of water to weep at all exterior cladding at stud walls, installed at the foundation plate line, usually 4in. above ground. This is not critical throughout, since, the water can escape the wall; the weeps on the cladding will function well. But when water can’t escape, it can damp up and reach the top of the first course of the building paper, and possibly enter the stud cavities to appear inside the building as a leak. Sometimes, bands or trim not flashed properly on claddings can be a source of water intrusion. When water appears at window header, jambs, and sills it is not necessarily the windows fault. Often, when bands or trim flashings above the window is faulty or missing, wind-driven water enters and travels downward being halted at the window head where it flows over and around window flashings to create the appearance of water entering the windows.

Do you want to be a manufacturer and/or installer?

Empire Finish LLC is accredited by Empire Foam LLC to manufacture and install LTD System. If you want to be an accredited LTD System manufacturer and installer, read the License Agreement Letter and contact us. We will be pleased to inform and guide you on the way to qualify you as installer of our product.